About Us

My name is Tahirah, and I'm the creator of Vivian Rose Body & Bath. I'm a busy mom, wife & woman who loves to feel pampered. I love a good bath. I didn’t know how much until I got married and went from one quiet child to a firecracker toddler and a feisty bonus baby every other weekend. Baths became my time of solitude, meditation, and peace. The more I enjoyed my time, the more I started looking for Luxe spa-like products I could use at home. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I started creating my own and Vivian Rose Body & Bath was born. 


Nana Vivian circa 1932

Vivian Rose is named after two of the most influential women in my life, my great-grandmother and grandmother. Nana Vivian (great-grandma) was a hardworking, kind, and vibrant woman. She cleaned houses for wealthy residents of Long Islands Sag Harbor and touched everyone she met. Nana Vivian loved to dance, act and could often be found at church or volunteering, which Nana did into her late 90's. She passed away at the age of 102 years old, but her spirit is never far from my heart. You can learn more about my Nana Vivian here

My Grandma, Catherine Vivian, has always been a tremendous force in my life. She was a bridge over troubled waters for me and thousands of other people in her community. In her youth, Catherine Vivian was also a dancer and was scheduled to attend Julliard in the 1960s. Grandma was my first peek into glamour; she wore jewels and fur coats everywhere. Having no daughters of her own, she'd often buy me miniature versions of whatever she had. I was two years old when she bought my first fur coat. I can still remember her bathroom was filled with powders, perfumes in beautiful bottles and lotions in beautiful scents. As a little girl, I'd play in them whenever I could.  You can learn more about Grandma and how she's touched the lives of others here

The "Rose" in Vivian Rose is a tribute to all women and a reminder that we as women need to take good care of ourselves. Roses flourish when they're pampered, and I believe women do too.

  email me any time at tahirah@lovevivianrose.com